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How To Use MetaTrader 4 (Tutorial For Beginners - How To Use A Charting Platform) [Trading Basics]

A detailed video explaining how to download and how to use Metatrader 4 charting platform.

In this video - 'How To Use Metatrader 4 Tutorial For Beginners' I go through exactly how you can download and use the Metatrader 4 charting platform. This is a tutorial that is designed to help trading beginners get to grips with the most commonly used charting platform - Metatrader 4. I think this is the best Forex trading platform for beginners.

I first show you the different ways you can download the Metatrader 4 platform.

Then I break down exactly how to use the platform in small steps. I go through the following (click the time links to go to that section):

-----------------Table of Contents-----------------
0:38 - Where to download MT4
01:02 - How to open \u0026 log into my account
01:36 - How to change the chart options
02:38 - How to read the current market price
03:18 - What are templates / How to use them
04:21 - How to view a different market
05:14 - How to change time frame \u0026 zoom in and out
05:48 - How to scroll back on the chart
06:16 - How to use drawing tools
06:58 - How to use the ruler
07:31 - How to add indicators
08:02 - How to resize \u0026 arrange the charts
08:38 - How to arrange my charts over two monitors
08:54 - How to enter a trade
10:02 - How to view open trades
10:22 - How to close a trade / add a stop loss \u0026 take profit level
10:52 - How to view past trades
11:22 - Other charting platforms

You can use the time links above to take you to any point in the video. After watching this video, you will know how to use metatrader 4

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Melody Bosquez : Great video. My only thing is.. I don't know how to find EURUSD..
Kenneth Newman : This video is straight forward
lyrical _DOA : Precise and valuable. thanks for sharing
jayaybe1 : SO helpful! Thanks!
Vidol Robinson : I wanna know how to set a support n resistance line, treadlines and fibonacci retracement on meta trader 4. I knowledgeable on when to implement them but dont know where to find and apply to my charts

First time trading on MT4?

What do i do on MT4? Did i just place an order on MT4? How do i put in a stop-loss on MT4? How do i cancel my order on MT4? How do i place a sell on MT4?
-beginners video
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initiate the beginning of my trading career.
I thought forex was a rocket science
but the way she simplified it just made me rethink.
You are the best @lisa_upfx
suleiman muhammad yusuf : A good broker for newbies. Madrigal_Kelvin_ on instagarm has a good recommendations
MOMODU ABDUL-AZEEZ : Madrigal_kelvin_ on i:g have great account management who always keeps me updated on the things that are important to me as a trader. Good services

How To Use MetaTrader 4 (MT4) For Beginners | 2021 Tutorial

How To Use MetaTrader 4 (MT4) For Beginners | 2021 Tutorial

#metatrader4 #mt4 #forex

In this video we cover:

0:00 Overview
1:12 How To Download MT4
1:37 Logging Into MT4
2:27 Adding Symbols In Marketwatch
3:12 Navigator Window
3:38 Terminal Window
4:15 Opening Charts in MT4
5:04 How To Place Trades In MT4
6:13 Modifying Trades
6:49 Customizing Charts
7:48 Drawing Lines \u0026 Objects
8:24 Adding Indicators
9:18 Saving Chart As "Default"
9:55 Installing Custom Indicators
10:21 Installing EA's
10:49 Metatrader 4 Phone App Tutorial

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Louis Szikora : Excellent. Thank you Adam. Saved time.
Obekpa Matthew Ella : This is a dream come true. I can't thank you enough aria_mateofx on Instagram. I just cashed out, you are the best
sitown0331 : Bro your content is excellent, but it’s your “what is an edge trader” video that has me pumped. What a great message with a solid moral backing within its philosophy. It’s possessing those principles that makes you a good teacher. I look forward to watching your other content and hope to learn from you.
IDIN PUJIANTO : Thanks for the tutorial..




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