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RG-350 & RG-350M HDMI mod guide

Welcome to the updated video for the RG-350M that shows you how to add HDMI support.
For the original review check out the link –

HDMI patch for the regular RG-350 –

HDMI patch for the RG-350M –

Remember, these are beta patches and will not work 100%. Also, DO NOT install these on anything but stock RG-350 firmware that came with your system.

These links are not hosted by me so once they go off line, that it. I can’t bring them back. Thanks for understanding.

Original filmed in 4K on the Xaomi Mi Note 10 Pro in 4K. sadly my regular editing software (Sony Vegas) kept spouting some garbage about needing apple quick time decoders when trying to open the video files. So I ended up having to edit this video on Windows 10’s built in awful video editor. It doesn’t even allow for 4K encoding. That’s lame!

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Guernicaman : Thank you for doing this! Could you also make a quick tutorial how to add new/more games to the RetroCore (what folder to place them in, etc), please?
Jotaku X : Do they have any screen protectors for it yet?
Michael Foster : I was wondering, what game is next for the Battle of the Ports.
Charlie Cat : Looks cool Mark. I like it. 8^)

argedismun2 : Not feeling that mini hdmi though , I have hundreds of regular hdmi cables and none mini

MVI 3379 De afrastering van het PWN gebied op de Zeeweg anno 2017 !! (B).

Ja hier het vervolg van de afrastering van het PWN gebied op de Zeeweg wel een mooie Natuurbrug maar op deze komen de Damherten op de autoweg en gaan er weer ongelukken gebeuren ... schuldige : Beheerder PWN !!!

Top 7 DUMBEST Motorcycles to Own

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Congratulations. You’ve made an excellent choice by watching this video. You could have picked any motorcycle video to watch, but you chose this one. That’s because you are a cultured person, one of discerning taste. And when it comes to motorcycle channels on YouTube, we here at Yammie Noob deliver unparalleled memes, knowledge, and comedic twists on riders around the world. You’re going to want to subscribe. This is the greatest motorcycle channel on YouTube.

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Best Beginner **Sport** Gear:

Best Beginner **Dual Sport/ADV** Gear:

Best Beginner **Retro/Classic** Gear:



What should my first bike be? A Turbo Hayabusa.

Very funny, no seriously. What should I get? A TURBO BUSA.

What is this channel? The premiere source for beginner riders on YouTube. We take on everything from the best bikes you should buy all the way to praying to our lord and savior Rossi.

Why should I subscribe? Because you want the highest quality motorcycling videos on YouTube delivered to your feed every week, three times per week.

Why do you guys make these list videos? Like any good capitalist, we supply the demand the market has.


NOTICE: This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary and has no negative effect on the market for the original work. It is against the law to fraudulently claim a copyright on a video you do not own under the DMCA or to abuse YouTube’s copyright claim tool.
Matt Stringer : He didn’t even get into the video and I got shit on for owning a Grom, new PR time too!!!
Drayk Wolbert : Cant push it on the street… legally
RetroMoto : stupid content from a stupid channel.
Drunken Master, Chicken Man : I want a cheap bike but do not fear speed. Those cheap Chinese butt-breathers are all I can afford unless I've missed a budget friendly traffic missile somewhere.
Chris Pollock : Carb bikes shouldn't even be on this list. Yes they are a pain in the ass, but not worthy to be on the dumbest list




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